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6 especies have been declared Extinte













The National Institute of Ecology declared officially extinct 6 species of the jungle region of "Los Tuxtlas" (located in the coastal plain of the Gulf of Mexico, with a surface of 115 thousand hectares) the red Guacamaya, the real buzzard, the "Aguila Arpia", the manatí, the tapir and the wild boar of white lips, decimated by the furtive hunting and the destruction of its habitat. What constitutes a hard blow to the Mexican and world-wide biodiversity, as well as to the ecosystem of the region that is undergoing the consequences.

The head of Productive Projects of Investigation and of the Reserve of the Biosphere of the Tuxtlas, Henando Cabral Perdomo, affirm that other 20 species are in serious danger to disappear, among them 6 reptiles and 2 amphibians classified like endemic (This meands that they exist in that region only, reason why its local extinction, also represents its complete disappearance of the planet for always) Between these are the tree small lizard (Abronnia sehizardi), the small lizard reigns (Abronnia Reidi), in addition to the little frog of marsh and the green frog of the pineapple. Of these last, they have only seen 5  in the pasts 10 years.

In the Reserve of the Biosphere of the Tuxtlas whose vegetation consists of manglares, savannah and cadocifoleo forest, it constitutes the last surplus of more important high tropical forest in the North hemisphere of the continent. In there,  they inhabit 128 species of mammals, 51 of birds, 117 of reptiles, 5 of amphibians, 550 of butterflies, 1 of libélulas and 800  vegetal species count at the moment.

The forest destruction , the furtive hunting and the advance of agricultural and cattle activities over the pasts 40 years have caused a significant alteration in this ecosystem, put the area in heavy danger so it was declare as a protected ecological reserve in November of 1998.


Source: "La Jornada" Newspaper, May 11 2002

Compilation: Alejandro Arias del Razo.