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Real De Catorce  is considered by many of its followers  the best group of rock and blues of all Mexico and even of  the all Latin America. They take its name from a ghost town of the same name in the Mexican northwest. The group was found in 1985 and their first disc titled equally Real De Catorce went out on sale in 1987 and since they had produced other 8 discs of excellent quality all of them. Their founders are: José Cruz, Fernando Abrego, José Iglesias y Severo Viñas, nevertheless through Real De Catorce have passed many others. From the founders only Jose Cruz and Fernando Abrego continue in the group.

Pic: Jose Cruz


Recently they presented  its last album Nueve: the measurement of the gestations, has developed an incomparable style as far as the letter handling and music, these contain a vision of the Mexican culture with a national approach and simultaneously universal, its proposal in Spanish has gained the respect of writers, even presses cultural and of music experts, due to its innovating character. The handling of the language is one of most creative as much in the rock as in the contemporary blues, since the musical concept is based on the songs where they conjugate sense and forms. Letter and music create an expressive meaning that in voice of Jose Cruz make reference to the excess, the poetry and the reflection, of it give to account the classic ones: Azul (Blue), Pago mi renta con un poco de blues  (Payment my rent with a little blues),  Devoto Amor (Devotee love),  Venenosa (poisonous) and Llevate la historia (Llévate history).


The musical work of the group represents an alternative for its public who is in his majority  conform by young people, despite in the personality of the group there is a ambivalence that also it catches the attention of adult people. This condition distinguishes them of the great majority of the groups of Mexican rock, who are classified in the category of youthful music. The group was invited in 1998 to give a series of concerts in the Buddy Guy´s Legends, of the city of Chicago, place where they have touched musical of the stature of Eric Clapton, Otis Rush and Is Seals, among others. The public accepted them without reserves, which demonstrated the reaches of the group. Also he is invited to many cultural festivals due to the artistic profile of his work. They have participated in four of the international festivals of blues and jazz and in the Festival the Cervantino International (Guanajuato, Mexico), in four occasions. In 1987 the grouping made a tour in the cities of Moscow, Leningrad, Vilnius and Riga.


Pics: Some of its discs: Real De Catorce, Contraley, Azul and Nueve


Here we bring you some of its songs, so you can enjoy it:


Al Rojo de la Tarde (Al ROJO)

Contraley (Contraley)

Malo (Azul)




Alejandro Arias del Razo


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