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In May 24 of 2002 a decree was publish in the official diary of the Mexican federation. It establishes as a protected area all the sea zones that are part of the Mexican national territory, to protect all the species of whales. This area has and approximate of 3 million square kilometers in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea.


The Mexican whale sanctuary is the biggest protected area of Mexico and also the largest national sanctuary of whales in the whole world, with a size almost equal of all Europe.

 In the species protected here we can mention the blue whale, the grey whale, the orca and other 18 species.

 With this new sanctuary the whales are safe in Mexico; well at least thatís what we can expect. But we most tell other country's governments to take similar actions.


 All this represent a great advance in the protection of the whales, in which we can find the biggest animal the earth has ever seen, the giant blue, that can reach the 30 meters long and weight 160 tons. A man could crawl in his principal vein. In the XX century the whale population was in grave danger of disappear, approximately 1.2 million whales where kill during that century.


Today only 2 countries continue the whale hunting: Japan and Norway. But others countries have show interest in the open of this practice, that could put in danger the whale population again. Japan continue the whale killing augmenting that is for scientific reasons, but it is the only country that uses mortal methods in the whale research, also we can find the whale meat in the Japan markets, where it reaches very high prices. The Norway interest is in the sale of the meat to Japan.


For KkaZul

Alejandro Arias del Razo